As a leading Certified Industrial Hygiene firm in California since 1996, BioMax professionals have worked with a wide variety of clients ranging from commercial and private businesses to city and state government agencies alike.  Whether serving  private residential clients or teaming up with other environmental firms or our many professional colleagues (when requested), BioMax is always ready to provide the highest level of technical capabilities, expertise, and service.

Here are just a few examples of what some of our clients are saying about BioMax Environmental…

Michael, you were of such help today to us, not only with your vast knowledge and experience, but your suggestions and guidance as how we should proceed and, lastly, your heartfelt sympathy for our loss and devastating situation.  it’s taken us a week of many phone calls and efforts to find anyone to even talk to, let alone the likes of you,  to give us some direction.
We can’t thank you enough for responding to us today, giving us guidance as to how to proceed, and above all, suggesting how we make a property safe for our remaining dogs.  I think you are a special guy and can’t thank you enough.
Ellie Brookman

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Hey Michael, Wanted to sincerely thank you for all of your time and energy you have provided, from our entire group of parents. You helped provide priceless info that we utilized to apply precise pressure, and we are grateful!!!  As of now we are going ahead with allowing the kids in the room, and see how it goes.

Truly appreciate your efforts and the work you do. The kids thank you as well.

Keep fighting the good fight!!!


Sean Renosone (Parent)
Hillsborough, CA


Mr. Polkabla

I am grateful for your sincerity and greatly appreciate you taking time out of your schedule to help us out. I cannot thank you enough, though we are a small community we have a lot of drug issues that need to be dealt with. We have a limited budget that requires strict monitoring therefor we make it work with what we have.  With people like yourself and your company hopefully we can all come together and make the world a better place. I see you take great pride in your profession just as we do in serving our community and making it a safe place to live and raise the younger generation. Although the crime and drugs cannot be prevented, we will put a huge dent in the epidemic and not stop until our job is done. Thank you again for helping.  I will be in touch now that i have you as a contact, stay safe.


Frederick T. Babcock

Village of Walton Police Department
87 Mead Street
Walton, NY 13856


Michael…  I can’t even express how grateful and lucky I feel to have found you.  We would have been in such a mess without your guidance and expertise.  I truly appreciate you helping make our home safe again for us and our baby!

Gina Blohowiak (Homeowner)
San Mateo, CA


Check our this nice hand written note from one of our recent clients…  Reference from S.Bockus


BioMax has been our partner on several environmental cleanup projects over the years. Working with them has been great because they are very knowledgeable and they have always responded to our requests in a timely manner.

Bruce Scheibach, RG
Omega Environmental Management, Inc.
(707) 775-2500


Over the years, Mike Polkabla and BioMax have brought an incredible amount of expertise to even the most complex situations when Lead in Construction must be dealt with in the course of our demolition work. Mike is able to identify the issues and present Stomper Company and our clients with a clear, concise, and value engineered protocol.

Donna Rehrman, CEO
Stomper Demolition Company
(415) 574-0573


“I have use BioMax over the last 8 years, six of that being with D.R, Horton and during the last two years with Del Valle Homes. Recently we became Renovo Communities.”
Michael A. Polkabla is very professional and will tell it like it is, right is right and wrong is wrong. When we have been in tough positions, Michael was always willing to speed things up by putting a rush on it so we good get the lab result back as soon as possible. If we had a problem he told us we had a problem, what ever the situation was we knew we could count on Mr. Polkabla telling us exactly what we had and what we needed to do to correct it. Not everyone in the Bio industry is a C.I.H. which I required on any mold job or any job that could go to court. I have never needed him to go to go to court, because we did it right. I have used him in past and I would use him in the future, he is a good honest man that you can trust to give you factual information.

Dick Evans
Director of Customer Care
Renova Communities


We have been in the environmental industry for 20 years. In my 20 years I have never met a more technically qualified firm that also has the ability to understand a project and utilize a common sense approach. BioMax is pleasure to work with and I would highly recommend them to anyone who has environmental consulting needs.

Sal Vaccaro
Synergy Companies Environmental Division
(510) 825-9812


It is always a pleasure working with BioMax as they are always dependable and follow up in a timely manner. I have worked with Michael Polkabla on several projects over several years now and appreciate their knowledge and thoroughness in providing detailed reports that are specific and detailed to the project.

Rod Overstreet
Project Manager
Dome Construction
(650) 416-5600


Michael has been an excellent colleague with whom I’ve communicated with. Michael and I share projects similar in complexity, although in the same niche industry of heavy civil construction for a common client.  As a fellow safety professional, over the past several years, Michael has willingly shared dilemmas and effectively discussed challenges faced in our industry.  I feel like we have collaborated well in overcoming common challenges shared between our clients, and I look forward to working with him to produce some cutting edge training seminars.  Thanks to his professional knowledge and expertise, and effective and open communication skills, he has helped our team avoid what would otherwise have been significant problems.  I highly recommend Michael and his professional expertise and congenial approach to business.

Daniel O’Connell, CHMM, CHCM, CHST, REEA, CAS
Executive Director Environmental Health, Safety & Rescue
SAFETRAN Site Safety Support Services, LLC
Confined Space Rescue Service (CSRS)
(510) 894-0229


Michael Polkabla has worked for me and many of my clients on numerous occasions and has always demonstrated the highest in professional standards.  He consistently produces a high quality of work and supports a level of professionalism that I can count on when recommending him for a job.  Michael understands the the legal and ethical ramifications in his work, and is highly competent in the technical aspects of Industrial Hygiene.  I continue to recommend Michael for jobs that I cannot take, and can count on his technical expertise and his understanding of the client’s needs, to perform a job of which I can be proud.”

Randy Cook, REA
President, Owner
ARC Enterprises
Sonoma, CA
(707) 935-8216