Cannabis Manufacturing Ergonomic Evaluation and Training

Posted by mpolkabla On June - 29 - 2019

Implementing ergonomic programs in the workplace can reduce repetitive stress related injuries and pain as well as improve productivity, morale, and even attendance.  BioMax Environmental’s ergonomists are skilled at performing these evaluations and have become experts in the specific needs associated with the emerging cannabis industry and its unique requirements, conditions, and demands on workers and the workplace environments. Our specialists and industrial hygienists are particularly skilled to recognize, evaluate, and control workplace hazards and conditions that contribute to musculoskeletal injury and repetitive stress injuries within these and other industries.  BioMax’s lead ergonomist (Michelle Polkabla) has over 20 years experience in treating sports injuries and is skilled at reducing repetitive and ergonomic risks and preventing injury and illness through a variety of site-specific techniques such as physical repositioning, process adjustments, as well as equipment-workplace adjustments and modifications.  It is also common for us to provide site-specific (and process-specific) training for workers which includes ergonomic awareness training, task-specific stretching, as well as targeted coaching to individuals regarding nutrition, hydration, exercise, and even off-work habits, hobbies, and activities.

According to current research and reports published by the American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA), it has been proven that there are many positive effects associated with implementing ergonomic programs in the workplace.  These include decreased incidents of repetitive stress injury, decreased turnover, reduced absenteeism, increased productivity, and increased employee morale.  Employer return-on-investment benefits are highlighted by the cost-effectiveness of implementing ergonomic programs (and ergonomic training) as demonstrated through savings of workers compensation costs, employee medical costs, and the substantial cost savings through not needing to re-hire and re-train replacement workers for those who are injured or absent from work.

The field of Ergonomics is an extremely broad field which is associated with the science and the art associated with the interaction of humans within their working environments.  BioMax professionals are happy to assist our clients in the assessment and evaluation of such working environments so that both workers and employers can benefit from safe and healthful working environments… a “Win-Win” for everyone!!!


Ergonomic Evaluation and Training Services at Cannabis Client Facility