Environmental Evaluations for Real Estate and Property Management

Posted by mpolkabla On September - 6 - 2017

BioMax offers assessments and evaluations of potential environmental hazards in homes, buildings, and/or on properties. Evaluating potential environmental hazards can be very beneficial to property managers, real estate agents, home owners, and potential buyers. An environmental evaluation may increase property value and offer “peace-of-mind” to all parties relative to environmental liabilities and concerns. The most common environmental hazards which BioMax is asked to routinely assess in both older and newer structures include Asbestos, Lead, Microbial (Mold), and Drug Residue. BioMax also provides assessment services to evaluate electro magnetic fields (EMF), Radon, Indoor Air Quality, Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), Soil, and Water.

BioMax offers three types of assessments… Our Visual Assessment provides a report which summarizes a visual inspection and assessment of potential environmental hazards while taking in account the history of the property and/or building, visual identification of suspect ACBM (asbestos containing building material), microbial growth, suspect lead containing materials, and any additional environmental hazards that can visually be identified through our extensive knowledge and experience with identifying such contaminants. Our Preliminary Site Assessment Survey supplements our site inspection with the collection of non-invasive sampling of suspect materials identified within the structure. These services are documented within a summary report which details site observations and analytical findings of suspect environmental hazards. Sampling is performed using methods which provide positive or negative identification using non-invasive sampling techniques such as spot testing, wipe samples, and air samples. Our Comprehensive Building Evaluation services is our most comprehensive assessment and provides a report which summarizes our inspection findings and observations with detailed analytical data reports documenting the quantified amounts of bulk analysis of asbestos, lead containing material, mold identification, drug residue, and other environmental hazards selected as part of these services.

BioMax is also flexible in performing any of our three types of assessments based on the needs and concerns of our clients and are happy to tailor our assessment strategies to your particular needs and goals. Our prices for these services vary based on the selected evaluated as well as location and size of the property or building structure. BioMax will be happy to provide you with a quote and (as always) our professional advice is free of charge. BioMax is also available to provide you and your staff with technical presentations during your employee and staff meetings regarding environmental “hot topics” pertaining to specific hazards you come across within your industry.

BioMax’s comprehensive knowledge and experience with environmental hazards allows us to provide the highest level of professional services and consultation needed to manage these critical issues. Whether you are a agent, a homeowner, or a potential buyer, BioMax can provide you with the technical information and services you need to better understand your properties.  Our team of professionals include Industrial Hygiene Technicians, Certified Asbestos Building Inspectors, Registered Environmental Assessors, and Certified Industrial Hygienists. Please feel free to contact us directly to discuss your particular project needs and environmental concerns… We are here to help!