BioMax Environmental Inc. is actively participating in the assessment, testing, and categorizing of debris, as well as related smoke damaged household possessions that were destroyed and/or affected by the Napa and Sonoma County wildfires.  BioMax’s Certified Industrial Hygienists and Industrial Hygiene Technicians are actively participating in these activities to aid homeowners and businesses who have been affected by these recent wildfires.

Certain protocols must be followed following a wildfire disaster when removing structural ash and debris left by the fire. To be in compliance with the Napa County and Sonoma County’s current Private Debris Ash Removal Program, remaining debris must be inspected, tested, and categorized for the presence of hazardous household waste and other contaminants (such as lead and asbestos) prior to removal by a licensed certified contractor. This is done to prevent harmful exposure to clean-up personnel, the community, and the environment to toxic materials within the large amounts of waste and debris left by the fire damage. Once the ash and debris have been characterized and removed from the site by a certified contractor, clearance soil sampling must then be performed at the remaining site in accordance with the newly published County requirements prior to being granted authorization to re-building. BioMax performs both of these assessments in a timely and efficient manner so as to help expedite the debris removal as well as the rebuilding process.

Unfortunately many lost all, but thousands more were affected by the harmful effects of the wildfire smoke and ash residues within areas adjacent to and near to the fires. Toxic smoke, particulates, and gasses associated with burning vegetation, structures, and homes can travel great distances and deposit onto residences and properties. This creates a situation in which homes and properties that were unaffected directly by the fire are indirectly affected by the associated smoke contaminants. In fact, smoke and ash contain a wide variety of chemicals sourced from the burning of plastics and other hazardous household chemicals with many of them being harmful. When smoke particles and residues land on a surface such as a fabric or wood, many of the chemicals within the smoke transfer and are absorbed into these porous surfaces. Short term impacts of these types of contaminants are commonly identified as a “smoky odor” and although this odor will diminish with time, the damage caused by these corrosive and toxic contaminants will remain present and continue. BioMax provides many different sampling techniques in order to analyze surfaces and materials that may have been negatively impacted. This information provided by the sampling is reviewed by our experts and may warrant the additional clean-up and/or replacement of surfaces and materials that Fire Damage Insurance may cover.

BioMax Environmental conducts sampling that is essential to the removal, treatment, and rebuilding of residential, commercial and industrial housing and buildings that were affected by the Napa and Sonoma Fires. We pride ourselves on our professionalism, customer service, and efficiency provided to our customers. Please feel free to call for a quote for our services and/or our professional advise.